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Are you fed up with the way your body looks and the way you feel? Are you too busy with life to lose all your fat from your problem areas, and even though you want to workout, your life revolves around other things? Have you been feeling like you you need to do ‘something’ to get started on an exercise program?

You could join a gym and figure it out for yourself …but is that working for anyone you know?
You could try to dance it off, run it off, wrap it off or shake it off… but seriously, do you really think any of those things will do the trick?
Have you tried one , two or even all of these only to end up in worst shape then you started?

If you can relate, spend a couple of more minutes reading this page. You may just find yourself living a new lifestyle starting today…at no risk to you. At The Team Training Program at Results the Training Gym, you are about to see the the one and only guaranteed Fitness solution where you will burn fat, tone-up, and become healthier…

From: Matt Weaver
Co-Owner of Result the Training Gym
Serving West Sacramento, Sacramento, Downtown and Natomas
Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

Dear Friend,

My name is Matthew Weaver and I am so excited to share with you the story about how Results the Training Gym was born and how we have made hundreds of Sacramento residents lose thousands of pounds and get into the best shape of their lives! After reading, watching and learning more, I want to personally invite you to come and try us out for a FREE trial to see for yourself why we’re voted the #1 independent gym in Sacramento by the Sacramento News and Review and KCRA 3 in 2012 and 2013.

Even if you decide not to take me up on my offer, I want you to know that anyone can change their lives and improve their health and how they look and feel.

Since 2006 we have been developing, tweaking, and refining our program to where now we are offering an ELITE level of training in a team environment where you are guaranteed to get eye-popping results. Our goal is to be the best part of your day and empower you to unleash your energy without any wasted time or effort. Listen, I am the biggest skeptic ever and I honestly have a hard time saying something like that because when I started out on my journey if someone said this I would have thought they were nuts!

…I have never been Mr. Healthy…

I myself probably have one of the worst set of genetics that has ever been given to mankind. When I was a kid I was the chubbiest, most out-of-shape, laziest kid on the block. I never really knew how to exercise the right way…and I was too lazy to do something about it…I got the name “Spanky” from my P.E. teacher and it stuck.


As a kid not a day would pass without me being ‘reminded’ of how out of fat and out of shape I was. I would gasp for air after walking up the stairs, I would feel ‘exposed’ in swim trunks. I always felt like I wasn’t shown the respect that I deserved. Eventually in high school I found fitness and sports to transform myself, but in college a back injury sidelined me and I added weight at an alarming rate. Eventually I got to a point where I was over 430 lbs!

As that weight crept on deep inside…I knew I wasn’t treating my body right. For some reason I just didn’t wake up to what I was doing to myself. Until one day I just didn’t feel right. I kept it to myself, but I think I may have had a mild heart attack. I didn’t want to scare my pregnant wife. I went to the doctor to find that I was near a point where I could go into a diabetic coma and my blood sugar was absurdly high.

As if the 5XL sizes were not enough, I had let my weight get so out of control that I was near death.

I was finally ready to take action and change my life.

I was committed to not leaving my wife a widow and my young children without a father, so I set out on a mission. I wanted this fat off my body and more important I wanted to not be an insulin dependent diabetic.

Unfortunately, like a lot of people I wanted it quick so I made the great mistake of being too eager…Instead of learning how to do it, I went and bought all the “quick solutions” you see advertised on TV or in magazines.

Here’s what happened…


  • The fat loss pills got me wired and anxious.
  • The liquid diets were boring, and it was brutal going back to eating solid foods.
  • The low-carb diets gave me FAST weight loss…which was all water. I also got a bunch of headaches.
  • Going to the gym directionless was down right humiliating, no support – just hard core sales men and hard core meat market.
  • Hope cardio and weights, 7 days a week, just made me irritated and completely frustrated with all my effort and still NO RESULTS.
  • Not to mention the workout videos…they just made me feel plain silly.


No results!

I tried it all and nothing seemed to work!

It wasn’t long before the “just wasn’t meant to be” feelings came back, and although this left me frustrated…I knew I could not quit on my family. I KNEW I was about to be successful. After all, I was running out of things that didn’t work.

If he can do it, why can’t I?

The question was “How to burn all this fat? And the problem was that I didn’t know how to do it. That’s why I decided to study Weight Loss, Fitness, and Nutrition…until I got it right. I had hired trainers, mentors, and joined groups to tap into all the best minds in the business.

Have you ever had one of those things that you nearly obsessed over? Where you just HAD to figure out how it works?

That’s what I did with Weight Loss and Fitness…

It wound up taking me over 8 years, spending all of my days in master mind groups, trainer forums and workshops.
My goal was to develop ’something’ I could do to lose weight…and not fail on me. In doing this, I discovered there is no quick fix for eternal weight loss…my main conclusion was that: EVERY ‘EFFORTLESS’ WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION IS DESIGNED TO END IN FAILURE.

And it makes sense…I mean, if there really was a product out there that could burn your fat without your effort…wouldn’t everybody be using it? The secret to staying in shape is having a healthy lifestyle, a solid workout regimen, and a positive mindset that does not recognize failure. And that’s not hard if you’re motivated and know what to do…But that’s the trick…

You have to be Motivated and Know what to do.

Once I had literally researched and tried so much in the area of Fat Loss…and applied just about all of them on myself, not only did the weight fall off, but something magical happened. My diabetes disappeared!

Soon enough, people started asking me for help…

And once you see someone go from a blob of a person to someone who looked like they were playing College Football everyone I knew was asking me how I did it. Some even went so far to ask me to help them. At first this startled me a bit. I was just a regular guy who let himself go and got determined to turn my life around. But since I knew the struggles and the pitfalls I wanted to really find a way to help other people experience the same transformation I had made without all of the empty promises, harsh judgements, wasted time, and money.

It started coming together and I was able to help people.

We started out a little misguided and bamboozled and opened up a 2100 square foot franchise gym. It didn’t take long to see we had been bait and switched, but we didn’t let that stop us. We continued to grow and adapt and next thing you know we expanded to 3300 square feet and were helping hundreds of people. In 2011 we expanded into a brand new gym to become Results the 24 Hour Gym.

Since I had a great team of coaches and general manager …. I worked hard at my day job while this was going on and thought to myself, could this really be happening? Could I really live my life’s dream to transform lives and help other people be healthy? It was happening before my eyes, lives were changing, tears were shedding and people were discovering the magic alongside my team and I. Our team was growing at a rapid pace. I had to hire 15 people total to help with the demand from all the referrals because of our life changing program!

“Don’t wait, the time will never be just right”


Get Fit Sacramento Success Story, Sarah

Through the entire class every single person in there offered encouraging words or a smile.

I have worked out at many different gyms and always felt like an outcast. I was constantly being murmured about or laughed at…. I expected it would be the same or even worse here, BUT I was WRONG. I have no idea why or how they (RESULTS GYM) do it, but the environment that the owners and trainers have created and continually encourage is one of love, support, understanding and a can do attitude. So much so, that even after walking through the depths of hell in my first Bootcamp, I decided to return.

Here I am nearly 6 months later still coming back and feeling stronger and healthier than I have in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!

– Sarah C.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Weight Loss Story, Stasi

I come from a large family, in every sense of the word. We are what some people like to call big boned, without the big bones. Eight of my family members have had the gastric bypass surgery in order to take control of their weight. I decided to change my whole lifestyle instead. I’m just about six months into it and I am very pleased with myself and the RESULTS. My body’s composition has changed so much and every day I feel stronger and healthier.

I still have a very long road ahead of me but I am confident that, with the support and knowledge from the staff and trainers at RESULTS, I will reach my weight
loss goal of 140 lbs.

– Stasi D.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Lose weight with Get Fit Sacramento like Tanya C.

Just eight short months at Results my life has been transformed. I am “Feeling Good, Feeling Great”…. Stronger and Healthier than I can remember ever being!!!! I am glad to report that my asthma is well under control. Doctors have taken me off of five asthma medications AND my blood pressure medications!!!

Not only have my medications been decreased and my asthma/blood pressure become more controlled, I have lost over 70lbs and went from a woman’s size 18 to a size 4!!!

– Tanya C.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident

So I kept going with a “Do it…or die trying” attitude

The team and the system were coming together …. we were not advertising but the referrals were pouring in, Social Media had got the word out! With my friends and family shocked, I set a goal to be the VERY BEST INDEPENDENT GYM in Sacramento. In 2012 that dream came true!! Results the 24 Hour Gym was a hit, the A – List made us the best independent gym in Sacramento and the News and Review said we were the #1 Gym! All of that with David versus Goliath, us against the big boxes who promised fitness dreams for $20 a month. It was an amazing feeling to see all those lives change. … I could only imagine how it would feel to do the same with hundreds of others.

One thing that I always wanted to do was start a program in my own community. Our gym in Sacramento wasn’t close enough to home to get my own workouts in and my friends and neighbors were not as willing to drive across town to experience the life changing results our program was making. For years I wondered if we could find a way to bring our program to Downtown or West Sacramento. Most people who I spoke to simply had bad experiences with gyms, park bootcamps and diet scams. Even the good programs were held outdoors in the cold, wet grass and mud leaving people wet and out in the cold.

There were some decent bootcamps springing up, which gave me hope for my friends escaping the big box…but they lacked the amenities like showers, water fountains and restrooms. Not to mention that for some reason all clients had to pretend they were in the army and obey orders from some Personal Trainer dressed in camouflage pants.

No Drill Sergeants Allowed Here!Finally enough was enough. My partners and I dug in and decided to go the exact opposite direction of the big box gyms, outdoor group on bootcamps and the Crossfits springing up in every warehouse in the region. I vowed to myself that I would go a different route. We would be the OPPOSITE of the bad Big Box Gyms, Personal Trainers, Cross Fit and Boot Camp stories.

We had to go deep into the vault for this. We invested a handsome random on building an indoor and outdoor location central to Downtown, West Sacramento and Natomas so we could serve a large area. We invested heavily in a huge renovation project including air-conditioning, locker rooms, restrooms, and so much more. We invested in the best flooring, turf and training tools that serve the body in the most natural and functional ways. Most important, all of our training is focused on results – and we take on all fitness levels, leaving nobody behind (…and certainly no drill-sergeant-yelling or cheerleading type stuff).

I have a burning desire to make it happen…

After getting myself certified with a few different bodies, I knew that wasn’t enough to have a solid system and team foundation. So we invested thousands more in bringing an Integrated, Smart and Functional Training and Coaching System. My team has dozens of years of experience independently but collectively we have spent hundreds of hours mastering a program that is unrivaled in flexibility, application and of course RESULTS! These systems are now utilized at both Results the Training Gym in West Sacramento and Results the 24 Hour Gym in Sacramento to help change the lives of dozens of people each and every day.

Hopefully you have already tried some things to get an idea for what works and what does not work, but this chart will help you compare directly and see how Results the Training Gym stacks up to your other options.
Comparison Chart

So you know talk is cheap, so this web page isn’t designed to sell you anything as much as it is to educate you. If you leave this website with nothing else but knowing there are other choices and options from living your life the same way. The best possible thing I could ask of you is to try Results Team Training for yourself.

Here’s what you get:

You'll receive fitness coaching.
  • Unlimited Access to the most Cutting-Edge and Advanced Workouts in your neighborhood – Our Results Team Training brings together SCIENCE, a fun workspace, innovative tools and proven workout techniques that make it FUN so you’ll transform your own body FAST (Around week 3 of your program you’ll be able to do some of the “impossible” things plus your transformation will begin)
  • Ongoing coaching – If fitness would come in a bottle, everybody would have a great body. Our team is more than just rep counting whistle blowers, we are COACHES here to inspire and direct you.
  • Accountability – Nothing will work unless you do… I make sure you show up and DO the workouts and do them in the best manner possible, thus ensuring your results will come QUICKLY (Actually doing it is half the victory, and you will make so many friends in our program that it will eliminate that excuse of why you might not show up, because you don’t flake on friends!
  • Fun workouts – You have enough B.S. in your life. Maybe a mean boss, incompetent coworkers, and an overload of stress. Release healthy-eatingall that negativity with fun workouts that improve your attitude, energy, and life in general. I know from my own 60 hour a week job, if it isn’t fun – I won’t come back! Count on us to bring some fun along with the RESULTS.
  • Nutritional guidance – Get on the bus with us and go to to school where it is cool to to finally discover what to eat, when to eat, and even how to eat. I warn you, we don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about diets until you show up and do the work. After you do that your own commit to yourself will make it easier to follow a nutritional plan you can live with…but we will support you along the way with great tools and meal plans.
  • Our team training is where CHANGE HAPPENS. Change happens right outside of your comfort zone! You can count on us to be here and push you further than you will ever push yourself. After all, that is why you are coming to us.

Here is what you can expect to happen:

  • Finally lose weight!Lose the weight you have always wanted to lose – With our Results Team Training program you will not only burn calories during the workout, but also throughout the next two days. (This is weight you will KEEP OFF – No more yo-yo behavior)
  • Get lean and define your whole body- We will bring the weapons of Fat Destruction and seek, kill, and destroy the fat you have in ALL your problem areas (So you get the legs, thighs, arms, and stomach you’ve always wanted)
  • Sleep better- Because of your increased activity level you will fall into a faster and deeper sleep (This will make you more concentrated and productive throughout the day)
  • Improve your mood – Not only will you be more rested and relaxed throughout the day, you will also start looking better which will boost your confidence and self-esteem (You’ll even reduce feelings of depression and anxiety)
  • Increase your energy – You’ll JUMP out of bed in the morning, and feel energetic all day long (And due to your workouts increasing your circulation…you may even improve your sex life…)
  • Combat chronic diseases – You’ll manage high blood pressure and your cholesterol will benefit too (On top of this, our consistent workouts will assist in preventing type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer)

Register Now!Or Call (916) 371 – 2496

1. You’ll get RESULTS and you’ll have FUN while you’re doing it! Whether your goal is to look better, feel better, improve your confidence, tone up, or reduce stress your RESULTS experience will help you get there. And, because of our friendly community, you’ll actually look forward to coming to the gym!

2. You SAVE money compared to those “big box” gyms! Don’t fall for the low monthly membership rates at those other gyms. If you really want to get results from your membership you’ll need expert guidance from trained professionals. Many of the “big box” gyms will lure you in with low monthly membership rates and then try to sell you “add-ons” like personal training, group training, etc. Things that we include in our packaged membership programs at a fraction of their “a-la-carte” prices. They know that for you to truly get results, you’ll need this additional help. And they take advantage by selling these services to you at premium prices once you become a member.

3. You’ll have unlimited access to our Members Only Fit U Nutrition Portal as a package member.

To help you with your nutrition goals, we give all package members 24/7 online access to valua nutrition support. With Fit U you get:

  • – Meal plan templates so that you save time by having an already done-for-you plan.
  • – EASY calorie tracking / meal journaling to help you quickly and easily get control over your calorie intake.
  • – Healthy and great tasting recipes to help you enjoy your meals while still benefiting from them.
  • – Exercise videos & instruction to supplement what you’ll get from our trainers and group classes.
  • – Goal and progress tracker so that you instantly see the great progress you’re making with your program.
  • – Reserve classes and personal training sessions via smart phone or computer.
  • – iPhone and Android apps so you can access your personal Fit U account on “the go”.

Day or Night, you will find classes in everything from yoga, Pilates and basic stretching to cardio-kick boxing, spinning and there are even courses for senior exercises, too. Also available are ab and arm workouts for various levels, hip-hop dance and step classes, upper body, full body cardio and sports drills, and much more.

5. Fit FUNdamentals and BtF (Burn the Fat) Bootcamp group classes deliver GUARANTEED RESULTS.*

After just 30 days you’ll begin to witness your body transformation. After only 60 days, your friends will want to know your secret. These programs have been designed with painstaking precision, encompassing all of the needed progressions and variations, based on scientific research and development, which GUARANTEES RESULTS. Research shows conclusively that it takes a metabolic approach to a fitness routine to get real results. It’s not enough just to run or do aerobics or lift weights. You must incorporate all of these aspects of fitness into your routine if you are to be successful.

6. You’ll benefit from our “Life Coaching” approach to health and wellness. Having a healthy body is as much about lifestyle and mindset as it is about nutrition and exercise. We understand that you’re most likely to achieve your goals if we support you in EVERY way, not just at the treadmill. You’ll find it very difficult, if not impossible, to find a gym in Sacramento that offers this “holistic” approach

7. Modern, State-of-art and super clean gym facility. We moved into a new, and much BIGGER, facility conveniently located at the College Greens West retail center. So you’ll have 24/7 access to this beautiful gym that is only minutes from your home.

8. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because we know your schedule can be hectic, we make sure that you can get in to do your routine no matter what time works best for YOU. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of being able to come in any time of the day or night (or the wee hours of the morning if you like!). It’s all about ensuring that we’re here whenever you need us!

So, what are you still waiting for? Get started today!

“OK, so how much does your training program cost, and what is the catch?”

First off I really want you to feel that being fit is priceless. To ask yourself how much feeling better and living healthier is and then comparing it to almost any area of your life is crazy. I promise you are wasting more on internet, cell phones and cable TV without a second thought. You only have one body and treating it right is priceless. However, if you were to work with us one-on-one you would pay at least $500/month. And even if you were to go for a budget solution (such as another Personal Trainer, or even surgery, or weight loss pills) you’d still end up paying around $400 per month (and this would be without any Money-Back guarantees like ours).

“Results Pays You to Get Fit” At Results Transformation Center we feel so strongly about accountability and success that we will pay you $10 per pound during your 60 day success program.

Get FIt Sacramento 100% Guarantee

But I have to be honest with you…

We at Results the Training Gym would love to help as many people as possible, though we can’t accept everyone. Even after opening a second gym and offering 200 training sessions a month our schedules get booked fast. This isn’t a sales technique, this is just the truth. We need to help the people who show up and invest in themselves and are not in the business of overselling our program at all.

Here’s why our program is so popular…

Because we know exactly how it is to be out of shape…we can relate to all our clients. I myself have less than average genetics, yet I have managed to beat diabetes for over 10 years. I know HOW to do it, and HOW to go from a lazy couch potato to being energetic with and a leader in the field.

We mix the most advanced and industry-proven weight-loss science with fun workouts that will transform your body fast. Not one workout will EVER be the same. You will never get bored and your body will always be guessing ‘what’s coming next’. All in all it’s a workout experience that gets you unsurpassable results…

Here’s what it takes to get in shape…

Either register online:

Register Now!
Or just call this number, and you’ll speak to us personally:
(916) 371 2496

However, since the demand for our Training Program will always be high…we only want to take on clients that are 100% willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.


And as we said earlier, we’re also not the cheapest gym in town, nor do we want to be. We can happily direct you to gyms who want your money in hopes that you don’t show up. We firmly believe in the fact that you get what you pay for, and concerning your health and well-being we don’t believe in ‘discounts’…So if you’re looking for a low-cost service (with low-end results) then please don’t waste our time or yours.

Now if you ARE ready to get in the best shape of your life… And you’re 100% sure you value the way you look… then call us at (916) 371 –2496 and say that you want to try us out. Although most clients are ecstatic about the experience, we still want to make sure you get an idea for what we have to offer. Also, we want to know if you’re right for our type of training (Again, we only accept people who truly want to lose the unhealthy fat, tone and firm, and be healthy. So look at the schedule, ask yourself if you still have a legitimate excuse I guess now is it the right time for us to work together. ON the other hand if you want the help, have said goodbye to the excuses and are ready to change your life once and for all – we can do this, together!


Greg's success story with Get Fit Sacramento

Let’s be honest…we’ve all been to the big name gym and health clubs, and we know what they are like. Personally, I have can think of at least five of the big chain clubs that I have been a member of. So, when my wife told me that she found a “great deal” for a gym membership, I was not all that impressed. Actually, I wanted nothing to do with another gym. However, to keep the wife happy, I went along with her for her first meeting at Results; she was scheduled to meet with Tom.

At first I thought this was going to be just another health club. I didn’t have much faith in the club itself, or that my wife would actually workout. My wife had severe back problems and a multitude of other health issues, and I had pretty much given up on ever getting physically fit again. I was unmotivated and complacent.!

– Greg B.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Paula can now fit in a size 6!

That first step landed me at the Results 24 Hour Gym. I drug my husband along with me (literally). That first time in Results, I was standing in front of Tom, scared but hopeful for the first time in many years. I was Scared because I had never made the kind of commitment that I was now contemplating. I was Hopeful because I immediately saw that this place was different. The trainers, coaches, and staff all seemed to be invested in making the atmosphere comfortable.

All of the staff members have been happy to assist me with any needs or concerns that I have had, regardless of whether or not they personally coached me. Because of genuine and friendly staff, the great equipment and classes, the personal training tailored to my specific special needs, I have been able to dedicate myself to this change in my entire lifestyle. I am made accountable to my personal trainer, Sonja, for all my nutritional and exercise choices. I am always challenged to improve and build upon my small victories.Now, seven months later, I am amazed at how far I have come!

– Paula B.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Liz looks and feel great with Get Fit Sacramento

For me, one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life is probably losing weight and staying fit. I have pretty much been on the heavier side all of my life and I knew things needed to change. Since joining the gym, I have gone from 156lbs to 124lbs! That is a total of 32lbs. Not only do I look better, but I feel better too. I believe that a lot of my success is due to the amazing staff here at Results Get Fit Sacramento and all of the encouragement and support. They actually care about their members and are always willing to help. The bootcamp classes are what has mainly helped with this as well.

After coming to this gym, I would never go back to any other one. But this is just the beginning of my success. I am still aiming for more.!

– Liz E.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident

If you want to get your health and life in control once and for all here’s what you need to do:

Call (916) 371-2496 and mention that you want to apply for your Results Team Training. On the phone we’ll ask you some questions to set things up, where we’ll schedule an appointment at your preferred time.

Upon starting your trial you have ZERO obligation to start any program with us, guaranteed. If you don’t like it, just let us know and you might just make us a better service in the process.

The good thing is that even though we mention our Training Program isn’t the cheapest Gym in town, it is still very affordable, and we apply the same rates for everybody…

…The bad thing is that this program is not for everybody. If you want to lose weight but you just keep watching everyone around you get tone and firm and you never take action yourself, then I’m sorry to tell you – but this program is not for you.

To put it simple, the sooner you call or register on-line – the bigger your chance you can start training right away.

Here’s the number to call:
(916) 371 – 2496

Register Now!

If you’re still not convinced, then I totally understand, I’ve been scammed on the internet before myself and it’s only smart to be cautious nowadays. See for yourself and look at just some of the real-life results people have gotten with us in the Results Group and Team Training Programs.


Get Fit Sacramento helped Marisol lose weight!

Before I started working out at Results—24 Hour Gym I weighed 225.

The reason I decided to change my lifestyle is because both my parents are diabetics and I know I am at great risk of becoming one, so I needed to change my eating habits and lose some weight. Results 24 helped me lose 79 pounds! I now weigh 146. They not only helped lose weight but they helped me ease my back pain. I continue to see amazing results and I am proud to say I attend this gym.

The trainers and staff are incredibly motivational. When I first joined Results I thought I was just going to come workout and leave, but I soon came to realize I get a great fun workout, the support I need, and a comfortable environment. I now consider this gym a second home, and the staff a second family!

– Marisol S.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Get Fit Sacramento success story, Paige

I spent my whole childhood dedicated to the sport of gymnastics. I went to practice one day not knowing it was going to be my last. I fell 4 feet off the uneven bars, put my arms out to catch myself and ended up breaking both bones in my right forearm. The bones were broken too severely to heal in a cast therefore; I was forced to have surgery twice over a 2 year period.

During that time I slipped into a major depression due to my inability to participate in gymnastics or any major physical activity. That was when I began gaining a substantial amount of weight. Before I knew it, approximately 5 years later, my senior year in high school, I weighed 260 pounds. That year, 2009, on December 14th I stepped on the scale only to be shocked by the number of 264. That was the day I decided to change my life forever. I stopped eating fast food and drinking soda. By mid 2010, I was down to approximately 225.

I attempted to work out on my own but it was not working. In 2011 I decided to move to Sacramento while I attend school at Sac State. That was when I joined Results 24 looking for HELP to break the 200 mark. I initially started attending Coack K’s bootcamps with my friend Donna. Donna started semi privates with Coach K at 6am first and wanted me to join the group. After much thought, I decided to approach Coach K and acquire information about joining the group. We scheduled a consultation where I proceeded to tell him that I needed his help to reach my goal of weighing 175 pounds but more importantly breaking 200 pounds. It was tough at first however; due to hard work and the encouragement, assistance and guidance from the most amazing coach ever, Coach K, at our most recent weigh in I stepped on the scale and read 199 pounds.

I can honestly say after staying stagnant in the mid 220’s for months I almost accepted the fact that I was going to be that weight forever but, now, thanks to Coach K, I had a wonderful trip to Las Vegas and I can proudly say I weigh less than 200 pounds and I am well on my way to 175. Thanks Coach K and the ladies from my training group: Donna, Elena, and Anolina, for helping me stay focused and achieving my goals. I could not have done it without them.

– Paige D.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Get Fit Sacramento success fitness story, Jonathan

As a professional television news reporter, I have always had to be conscious of what I looked like due to the demands of being on camera and constantly meeting people. I took pride in my looks largely in part because it was expected in the job. That was until 2005 when I found myself having to give up my civilian job since I was in the Army National Guard on a deployment roster bound for Iraq. Sure, I still worked out but being in combat day in and day out, to help calm my nerves, I began to eat a lot, desserts, burgers, fries, you name it, I ate it.

As my second deployment wrapped up, I returned once again to the U.S determined to get back into somewhat decent-shape. I returned to my old gym, jogged a lot, pumped some iron but the weight remained the same. In late 2010, I was home in Hawaii on facebook when I saw an ad about Get Fit and BTF boot camps.I thought I would check it out and called the number in the ad. I talked to Tom Cepeda and he asked me to come to the gym!

– Jonathan S.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Awesome weightloss story from AngelicaI had hit over 200 lbs by 6th grade. I had tried to lose weight many times over the years, but to no avail. Then I became a member at Results…I walked in a size 26 at 347 lbs.Get Fit Sacramento by Results—The 24 Hour Gym showed a true interest in wanting to see me succeed and get my life back. I feel that I would not have attained such great results anywhere else. I came in here with a plan to be a healthier me by the time the 2 yr contract was done and I did it. The team here was a great motivation and support in getting me to where I am today.

Today, as I near my 22nd birthday, I weigh in at 192 lbs and am a size 12. Now 155 lbs lighter I know I am not done and have ways to go but I would just like to say it is possible. Believe me when I say “a healthier you leads to a happier you!

– Angelica P.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident

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Since working out with Results I’ve seen the most results!
I love my coaches! They keep me on task!
It’s been great working out at Results!
I’ve dropped 2 sizes just in time for my wedding!

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Get Fit Sacramento testimonial, Jackie

This is a true testament: “If you put your mind and body to it everyday, Results will show and payoff!” Jackie is a mother of 3 wonderful children, two boys and a daughter with a very supportive husband. Her story started when the scale read 178 lbs and was a size 16, which was the day she realized things had to change.

The first few months of change was a slow start, and then when she came back from a company retreat she took a leap in trying a new outlook on changing her lifestyle to being stronger, healthier and an overall better mindset.

– Jackie T.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Get Fit Sacramento weight loss story, Sean

The coaches have a genuine passion for their work and it shows they really are interested in their clients achieving their results. Whether it was Shenell, Nick, Sonja, Lauren or Jasynte, they all provided a push to get through a workout and a push to push harder than the last time. They all have their own twist and coach’s specials to each workout which always make them fun.

In just seven months, I was able to achieve 40 pound weight loss. I have lowered my blood pressure from 168/90 to 112/66. My body fat was 31% and now in the 15-16% range. My BMI range went from obese to normal weight. Most importantly, we as a family have incorporated fitness into our daily life.

Thank you to Results for being so awesome and helping me and my family reach our fitness goals.

– Sean L.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Ronee can now run and play with her kids with strength and confidence!

I started my gym membership with Results in March of 2012. This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! For years I have had a sedentary life style, everything made me feel tired. I was just exhausted all the time mentally and physically. When I played with my kids I’d become winded easily. It felt so embarrassing to move, and everytime I moved everything would jiggle, I just wanted to stand still. I got so sick and tired of this lame feeling, I knew I had to make a change. I’m so happy my great friend Rhonda talked me into checking out Get Fit Sacramento at Results. I started at the gym as a way to get healthy and thought I would feel a little better about myself too. I’ve found so much more here at Get Fit Sacramento at Results! This is such a different atmosphere than any other gym I’ve been too. Here they care about your success and celebrate it with you! I love that! The personalized experience has made all the difference to me, the warm greetings, the encouragement from my coach Keali’i. He holds me accountable for the choices I make during the week, and pushes me to do more than I think I can. It’s amazing how building belief in your body really leads to increased physical strength.

This is truly mind altering, I have more energy the more I move, and the more I move, the more I WANT to move. I now have confidence in my body and my ability to take on a physical challenge. Now, I can run and play with my kids with strength and confidence. I play indoor soccer once a week, I have my first upcoming mud run, and do weekly “neighborhood” workouts all in addition to the intense workouts I do at Get Fit Sacramento Results.

All of this has led to me reaching many of my fitness goals. I’m a work in progress, I love my Results!

To Get Fit Sacramento Results, you’ve set the standard that other gyms should live up to!

A Huge Thank you to my friend Rhonda, Coach Keali’i, and the entire Get Fit Sacramento Results team!!!

– Ronee C.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident



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Kim's successful fitness journey with Get Fit Sacramento

My wife Kim began her Get Fit Sacramento fitness journey about 1 year ago. The results were so dramatic I took advantage of a special membership offer to join her on occasion both to support her success and to see if a little time with modern equipment would help me too.

I had always enjoyed outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, skiing, softball, tennis, golf and while in college even played three football games in the Rose Bowl (It was our home field J ). As a young engineer I was out in the field and on my feet much of the time on construction sites. But as the years have gone by I’m at my desk more and found my health was suffering. My waist had expanded and at times my legs hurt just standing up from my office chair. Santa had even brought Kim and myself nice cruiser bikes to ride around the neighborhood with the kids but they really didn’t get much use.

– Kim D.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Cynthia lost 17 lbs with Get Fit Sacramento!

The first picture was taken 2 weeks before I started Results (October 25th, 2011). At the time I weighed 130lbs. The second picture was taken the weekend of my birthday (May 12th, 2012). I weighed 113 lbs.

I can’t thank Results enough for this life changing decision. The trainers and staff have always been more than helpful in assisting me with all their sessions and events. I highly recommend Results to everyone!

– Cynthia C.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Lisa lost 20 lbs in just three months!

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” That saying popped into my head one day as I was thinking about my most recent failed attempt at weight loss. At the time, I was trying something “new” — getting up every morning at 4:30 AM and running on a treadmill. With no results. Now that WAS insane. It occurred to me that while I had tried many different diets and exercise plans over the years — many, many plans over many, many years — there was, indeed, one thing that I was doing over and over again: I was trying to do it on my own. Even with access to two free fitness centers, one at work and one at home, I wasn’t losing weight. I needed to do something drastically different.

A friend on Facebook (Sarah Chapman) was posting her amazing success with Results Gym, and one day she shared a link to a deal that was just too good to pass up. After a few group training sessions at Results, I decided this was exactly what I needed — I needed to just forget everything I thought I knew about weight loss and fitness and surrender myself to the experts at Results — just do whatever they tell me to do. It was time to make an investment in myself — to believe that I’m worth it. So I did. And I’m seeing results. In three months, I’ve lost about 20 lbs; my blood pressure — which was good before — is now great; I’m smaller; and I feel stronger, physically, mentally and emotionally. I work one-on-one with Lauren just 30 minutes a week, and in that 30 minutes, she is completely focused on helping me achieve my goals. She does a great job of encouraging me and kicking my butt (ahem) pushing me to challenge myself. I feel that she truly believes in me and that helps me believe in myself — I don’t want to let either one of us down. I also love the group training sessions — Boot Camps, Ripped, Zumba — every single one of the coaches is awesome: Lauren, Jasynte, Kealii, Kelly. Even when I’m working out on my own, I hear their voices in my head: “Don’t give up”; “It’s only 30 seconds — you can do anything for 30 seconds”; “You’ve got this”; “Remember why you’re doing this — you’re changing your body”.

When I first started 3 months ago, I couldn’t do a “normal” straight-leg push-up or a burpee to save my life. Now I can. Maybe they’re not perfect (or pretty) but I can do them! I’ve still got a long way to go, and thanks to the encouragement and support of everyone at Get Fit Sacramento Results Gym — including fellow members — I look forward to continuing the journey and seeing where the road leads!!

– Lisa B.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident


Cheryl lost 40 lbs and felt better than ever!

When I first joined Results a year and a half ago, I struggled with many things: walking up the stairs in my house, getting up out of a chair, bending over to pick something up, etc. Thanks to having two chronic autoimmune diseases I was in pretty sad shape. The Doctor’s finally figured out the right cocktail of medications to keep the diseases in remission. So, why was I still so tired and not able to do much of anything??? I was totally out of shape. (and overweight)

Now it’s been about a year and a half. I feel like a totally different person. I can run up the stairs, jump out of the chair, and pick up all the many things I manage to drop. I have lost about 40 pounds, and still have more to go. But, I have gained so much more. I’ve gained my happy self back. This is the first time I have ever lost weight because I was trying to and not because I was sick.

I didn’t do this alone. I had a lot of support from my family and friends. The whole team at Results is wonderful. They treat you like a whole person. They celebrate the victories and encourage you when you are down. Thank you Results – I don’t think I’d be as successful if I was at any other gym!

– Cheryl P.
Results Training Client
Sacramento Resident

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