Eat Clean, Train Mean – 2014 Fitness Challenge

Eat Clean, Train Mean


 Fitness Challenge


It is time to make 2014 an amazing year of fat loss, fitness goals and team work.   While we are at it lets have a ton of fun, inspire each other and win lots of great prizes including travel/vacation certificates for


Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Hawaii & Mexico!


This isn’t one of the contests with one or two prizes.  There will be 15+ Winners and lots of categories to compete in!


Team & Individual Categories

Top Weight Loss (lbs)

Top Body Fat % Loss

Top Fit Test Team


In this program everyone who participates will get a tremendous value.    Great coaching, team support, weight loss and fitness improvements.  Plus…

·      Private Workouts

·      Nutrition and Meal Plan Workshops

·      Private challenge forum

·      Fitness After Dark Admission Ticket (next event January 24th)

·      Eat Lean, Train Mean 2014 T Shirt

·      Before and After Pictures



Program Dates are January 20th – Friday February 28th .

Price is $69 per person, members can sign up in the gym or online.  Online Registration:

Non member price is $149 and includes gym membership and group classes.

Non Members Must Attend Orientation but can sign up online via registration link :


Travel / accommodation certificates have certain restrictions and rules.   Winners responsible for all incidental cost and compliance with travel certificate rules as provided by marketing concepts.   Results will assume no liability for contest participation, prize utilization, etc.  Prizes are a bonus; great results and being healthy is always the real prize!