Results Training Gym Success Story!

Results the Training Gym client Hans Maurits Jr.

Results the Training Gym client Hans Maurits Jr.

At Results the Training Gym, our goal is to be much more then a gym. Our goal isn’t to put you through the motions…it is to CHANGE LIVES!

It has been so exciting to be part of so many transformations and changes over the years…and now, after a few months in operation in West Sacramento we are excited to share with you some new successes from clients just like you.

If you have ever come in to train with our O DARK 30 team (at 5:30 am , every week day) you will know this guy. His name is Hans Maurits and his momma and friends call him Jr.

Hans is a friend of mine, we have worked together in our corporate day job for years. In fact, I taught him everything he knows (which is not saying a lot). For a long time Hans talked about getting started on a program with us at Results the 24 Hour Gym, but the location wasn’t right for him. As we were in the process of putting the finishing touches on the the gym, Hans made a commitment to get started. In fact, he was the first client who ever trained in the gym, along with me personally. It was a real rough start for Hans, because he received 100% of my personal Coach Matt Love until a few other folks started to join in the fun. One time on a run, I lost Hans and thought he had an asthma attack. I went running around the neighborhood looking for him with his inhaler. Turns out he was in the bathroom (he probablly won’t admit to throwing up, but I am pretty sure that is what he was doing). Hans was pretty out of shape, but determined. He came every single day, 3-4 days a week. Once we opened for business officially, he started coming 5 and even 6 times a week.

So, here we are on August 1st and Hans, the first official member of Results the Training Gym has hit a few huge milestones. First, he has become the FASTEST to 100. Hans has completed 100 training sessions in less time then anyone previously, from April – July he trained over 100 times!   Second, Hans is saving a lot more $$ then he is spending with us…he dropped his prescription, savings a ton of money and living healthier.   He did not just drop the perscription medicine, he has shed over 30lbs of body fat and 22lbs off the scale...and he isn’t done yet.

So you know that I will continue to push Hans harder then I push anyone else and the other Coaches and Clients are all welcome to do the same.  You know that I will continue to call him out , call him names and embarrass him and even humiliate him at times. I only do that because that is what we do to each other and we have know each other along time (plus he is starting to out run me…what the heck?!).   While all that goes on, deep down on the inside I am real proud of this guy.  He is proof that someone who isn’t that smart, kind of lazy and hard to take serious can unleash his inner warrior.     Just think, a 43 year old office working grandpa came in and became the first and fastest person to train 100 sessions plus shed a whole bunch of body fat!

In all seriousness, Hans is determined and committed to get in the best shape of his life. What is most impressive about these Results is Hans just recently started changing his eating habits and now has more impressive strength and weight loss coming!   I think you will see his determination when you come in and train with us at O Dark 30, but check out these impressive TRANSFORMATION RESULTS below. Phase 1 down, keep your eyes out for the next picture in 60 days!

Please congratulate Hans win you see him (or trash talk him, that is perfectly fine too).

Results the Training Gym client Hans Maurits Jr.

Results the Training Gym client Hans Maurits Jr.


Matt Weaver
Coach | Client | Chief
Results the Training Gym
West Sacramento, CA