Results Training Gym: Eat Clean, Train Mean Finale

Eat Clean, Train MeanLast Saturday, March 1st, the Results Training family joined together for some fantastic fun and fitness.

We had DJ Charlie Ramos in the house plus about 100 people in attendance!   Everyone was pretty stoked about the party like atmosphere and a chance to win a vacation certificate for Hawaii, Mexico or Las Vegas.

At Results the Training Gym we make fitness fun!

At Results the Training Gym we make fitness fun!

The morning started with a a weigh in and body fat test.  Then everyone took the streets of West Sacramento for a timed run down 15th Street up to Park Blvd.    We had Capital Road Race clocking the official times and our challengers were 100% in.     After the mile test the teams broke up to measure flexibility, pull up strength, push up strength and everyone’s favorite the ball crawl!!

Hans is known for dropping the ball, but not today.  He was a warrior

Hans is known for dropping the ball, but not today. He was a warrior


After the testing those who were brave enough to join in with a Bootcamp workout did while the scores were tallied.   The winners waited anxiously for a chance to hear their names.   Of course some people stood around and enjoyed some refreshing beer to reward themselves from 6 weeks of monster effort and eating clean.

Eat Clean for 6 Weeks and then grab a beer

Eat Clean for 6 Weeks and then grab a beer

So when the scores were tallied and the winners were announced the following teams were getting ready for the award ceremony and some great travels.  We had 12 Team Winners and 3 inidvidual winners take home travel certificates for 7 Days in Hawaii, Mexico or a crazy Vegas Weekend.    Team Pure Trouble with Jenn, Jenn, Virgina and Stephanie were just one of our winning teams!

Stephanie, Virginia, Jen and Jenn lived up to the name Pure Trouble

Stephanie, Virginia, Jen and Jenn lived up to the name Pure Trouble

Check out some of these individual accolades and accomplishments


Male: Julio 47

Female: Dena and Virginia Benutty 31


Male: Julio&George 9

Female: Dena 16(purple band)


Male: Julio Olivan and Miguel Arias 7:30

Female: Andrea De La Torre 7:37  Justine Herrig 7;38



Male: Joe Zink :42 George Martinez :43

Female: Kim DiGiorgio and Andrea :55



Amanda Smith – 5 Points!

In the end this was less of a competition and more of a team building and comradare.  At the end of the day EVERYONE who completed the challenge was a winner and everyone got a lot of extra love for just finishing the program.   We are proud that over 500lbs of body fat was lost and that minutes and fitness levels were greatly improved…all while being a great fitness family and building a healthy community.       We’ve got more pictures, posts and accomplishments from the challenge to post soon.

This team lost nearly 70lbs during the 6 week program!

This team lost nearly 70lbs during the 6 week program!


Thanks to all of our coaches and clients for your support on this great event.   Our next Challenge is Train Dirty …. get ready to train for this Spring’s Best Mud Runs…stay tuned for details!

Sneak Preview at our January 6th Transformation Group


Robert lost 23lbs with Results Transformation Challenge

Robert lost 23lbs with Results Transformation Challenge

Zara Carter (After 2nd Transformation) 21lbs Lost round 2 (TOTAL DOWN 24(1)

Greg lost almost 27lbs in just 6 Weeks.

Greg lost almost 27lbs in just 6 Weeks.

Steve lost almost 37lbs in just 6 Weeks.

Steve lost almost 37lbs in just 6 Weeks.

Dawn Desrosiers (After) 11lbs Lost

Matt lost 22.4lbs!

Matt lost 22.4lbs!

Terri Owens (After) 20lbs Lost (1)More transformations from Sacramento’s only FREE 20lb Weight Loss program designed to help you GET FIT, EAT CLEAN and HAVE FUN while getting RESULTS!

For more information check out

January 6th Transformation Graduates….

Here are just a few of our January 6th Transformation Challenge graduates.
Take the next 6 Week Challenge by registering at

Manny got back to his cross country weight!  Lost over 20bs in just 6 Weeks!

Manny got back to his cross country weight! Lost over 20bs in just 6 Weeks!


Manny drops over 20lbs in 6 Weeks with the Results Training Gym 6 Week Transformation program

Manny drops over 20lbs in 6 Weeks with the Results Training Gym 6 Week Transformation program

Ann lost 20lbs in 6 weeks!

Ann lost 20lbs in 6 weeks!

Ann did it!  She lost 20lbs in 6 Weeks with Results!

Ann did it! She lost 20lbs in 6 Weeks with Results!

Veronica lost over 23lbs with the Results 6 Week Challenge.

Veronica lost over 23lbs with the Results 6 Week Challenge.

Sequoia lost 20lbs in just 6 weeks with the Results Transformation Challenge

Sequoia lost 20lbs in just 6 weeks with the Results Transformation Challenge

Eat Clean, Train Mean – 2014 Fitness Challenge

Eat Clean, Train Mean


 Fitness Challenge


It is time to make 2014 an amazing year of fat loss, fitness goals and team work.   While we are at it lets have a ton of fun, inspire each other and win lots of great prizes including travel/vacation certificates for


Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Hawaii & Mexico!


This isn’t one of the contests with one or two prizes.  There will be 15+ Winners and lots of categories to compete in!


Team & Individual Categories

Top Weight Loss (lbs)

Top Body Fat % Loss

Top Fit Test Team


In this program everyone who participates will get a tremendous value.    Great coaching, team support, weight loss and fitness improvements.  Plus…

·      Private Workouts

·      Nutrition and Meal Plan Workshops

·      Private challenge forum

·      Fitness After Dark Admission Ticket (next event January 24th)

·      Eat Lean, Train Mean 2014 T Shirt

·      Before and After Pictures



Program Dates are January 20th – Friday February 28th .

Price is $69 per person, members can sign up in the gym or online.  Online Registration:

Non member price is $149 and includes gym membership and group classes.

Non Members Must Attend Orientation but can sign up online via registration link :


Travel / accommodation certificates have certain restrictions and rules.   Winners responsible for all incidental cost and compliance with travel certificate rules as provided by marketing concepts.   Results will assume no liability for contest participation, prize utilization, etc.  Prizes are a bonus; great results and being healthy is always the real prize!

Meet Dr. Chip

Results the Training Gym would like to welcome Dr. Chip Studley, D.C. to West Sacramento.    We are very excited to have Dr. Chip Studley open his new practice, Back In Action Chiropractic – Spinal Sports Care, right inside of the Gym.    Dr. Studley has helped countless patients eliminate pain and improve quality of life.   Dr. Studley has been the official Chiropractor of the Results team for over 5 years and has provide releif and care for Matt, Coach Sonja, Tom , Coach Kami and countless members and clients.    We put our trust in Dr. Chip and are excited that West Sacramento will have quality sports, spinal and chiropractic care right inside of Results.

Dr. Chip’s clinic will start with limited hours, starting this Friday from 2pm-6pm.    You may book an appointment by email at or give his office a call 916-710-1241

Dr. Chip Studley Bio

Dr. Chip, Back in Action at Results the Training Gym

Dr. Chip, Back in Action at Results the Training Gym

Dr. Chip, as many of his happy patients refer to him as, attained his Bachelors degree in Psychology with a Biology Emphasis from UC Davis before graduating from Palmer West Chiropractic College with his Doctorate of Chiropractic (DC) in 2006. While in college, he was active in the Palmer Sports Council, and provided on field care for the Highland Games, the Sea Otter Classic, semi-professional football (Daly City Renegades) and soccer tournaments. Dr. Studley, D.C. took many electives and advanced courses in school to help improve his knowledge, which helps him to provide better care to his patients. These courses include On Field Emergency Protocols, Active Release Technique (ART), Cervical Trauma (Whiplash) Protocols, Activator, Thompson, Flexion/Distraction, and Sacro-Occipital Technique. While in school, he was the Vice President, and the President of the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA). He was also an active member of the Student California Chiropractic Association, and has continued to be active as the current Treasurer of the Sacramento Valley District – California Chiropractic Association.


When he is not providing excellent care to his patients, he enjoys spending time with his family (wife Sara, son Emerson,daughter Kaylin and dog Bodega) and friends, listening to live music, cooking, camping, weight training, triathlon training, and playing sports (basketball, tennis, softball, and golf).

Meet Coach Damian

Passion – a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

Examples of PASSION

  1. Everyone could see the passion in his approach to the work.
  2. His performance is full of passion and originality.
  3. She spoke with passion about preserving the building.
  4. Music has always been his passion.
  5. She developed a passion for opera.

Do you find yourself occasionally thinking about that word?  Passion.  What do you have a passion for?  I was asking myself this wearing a suit and tie in the corporate world.  Early to rise and first into the office with my bowl of quinoa and bananas and honey I lead the charge in the corporate world.  Health and fitness questions would routinely hit my email, or a coworker would venture back over to my desk with a question.  Is this healthy?  Can you give me another exercise for my arms I’m getting bored of my routine?  Could you write me up a new workout?  You can take a personal trainer out of the gym…but not the trainer out of the personal trainer.

Exercise has and always will be a love for me…but my passion lies in training and helping others.  Not too many jobs allow you to instantly have an impact on someone’s day.  Let’s take that statement a step further.  Not too many jobs allow you to have an impact on someone’s life.  A trainer has the ability to guide a person through life’s toughest journeys, the battle with themselves.  Through this journey we have the ability to help infuse them with confidence and a new outlook on life.  When a person has succeeded, even for a few months with a trainer, life’s harder challenges actually become easier. ‘If I can survive a burpee and drop a pant/dress size…the next speed bump life sends my way shouldn’t be as hard.’

So I journeyed away from the corporate life and back to my new home Results the Training Gym.  (I had worked with Pete and Matt as part of Results the 24 Hour Gym in the past, so it was an easy decision to come back and get this fantastic new facility off the ground here in West Sacramento).

Some people ask me if I miss the corporate world and here’s my answer “I’ve been given an opportunity to make a difference in a group of lives over in West Sacramento, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.  And let’s face it; I’ll trade lacing up my workout shoes over tying a tie any day.”

So here I am West Sacramento, a tool to use for your success in health and fitness.   A resource to tap when you feel like your back is up against the door.  A helping hand to get you to that next level.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet me yet, come say hello.  Sign up for one of the many sessions I’ll be running over the course of the week.  I want you to accomplish your goals and more.

Here’s to squeezing out one more burpee.

Yours in health.

Coach Damian


Coach Damian

Coach Damian

Survival of the Fittest

– As a Coach at Results I am ever searching for ways to enhance the experience of each member and  continue to excite passion for health and fitness.  Please enjoy receiving weekly emails on various health, wellness, and fitness performance related topics.  May this correspondence continue to serve as an outlet for education and a resource opportunity for all those involved past, present and future. 
  Survival of the fittest.  What does it mean to be fit… might depend on who you ask and in what context.  Fitness can be defined through search engine as a state or condition of being fit, suitable, or appropriateness; or the quality of being suitable for a particular role/task.  Physiologically it can refer to the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to muscle tissue during a given exertion.  Biological fitness would infer a contribution to a gene pool, or perpetuation through successful reproduction.  All these things I wish for you- if fitness is something you truly desire.  Physical fitness can be objectively measured and assessed, as well as subjectively perceived.  My personal consideration of what it means to be physically fit is to be able at any moment, given any task, to own the confidence, skill and know how to approach and experience every life given challenge or opportunity.  To live free from domains of fears and uncertainty of how our body will perform, and how the mind will conduct is truly empowering.  All that we do with the tools, templates, timers, and tempos are practice and prepare for those experiences that will present themselves unexpectedly to us some day.  This week coach Jasynte shares more on those details of fitness adaptations.  How do you define and perceive fitness?

What is fitness?

Often times I hear a lot of people talk about fitness and totally missing the point. I hear a lot of “I do yoga for my fitness” or “I run”. Fitness is more then just running, jumping, working out (whatever that might include) or diet. Fitness, I believe, is more about physiological adaptation.  What the heck is that?

That’s a great question. There are two areas of adaptation. I recently heard a pioneer in the fitness industry talk about adaptation in terms of software design. Think about the difference between hardware design and software design. So adaptation then would mean positive (or negative) adaptation in the tissues (hardware) and/or the brain/neurological system (software).

What does this mean? The body has to adapt both in the way it processes information, generates commands and communicates to the hardware or tissue, and in the way the tissue is designed and works. To do this we must then look at fitness as a physiological process in which we challenge our movement and neurological systems in a manner that creates a constant environment of variability (to which the system has to adapt), intensity in relationship to load and volume, and movements that support humane functionality within the surrounding environment.

So fitness is a collection of activities that create an environment that promotes physiological adaptation. This is much more than just running, lifting a few weights or stretching. Fitness requires multiple activities that together challenge and promoting

Cardiovascular respiratory endurance










Be the best you can be, adapt to any situation, be strong, stay safe and enjoy the harmony of balance! Be dynamic in everything you do, chase your weaknesses, and challenge your body completely. Workout intensely, lift heavily, and allow for a wide variety of activities.

-If you are still seeking the drive, the direction, or in need of an outlet to substantiate your vitality, consult with your next sighted Results coach.  Plan for your path to achievement.  Remain faithful to said purpose with every action, every movement, every choice, and with each decision- stand firm.  Take that found passion and now share this insight and lifestyle to include the lives of those you spend most time with. 
Your Coach In Health, Keali’i
P! S!  Mark your calendars folks for next Saturday, June 8th at 10 am.  COACH YOUR COACH!  This will be only the second such occurrence within Results… the moment you have all been enduring for day in and day out.  We are proud to be hosting a benefit event for the communities affected by the recent Oklahoma tornado.  Results will be auctioning off the chance of a lifetime for you to put your coaches through the tests of fitness you all so regularly experience.  We are welcoming a minimum donation of $10 for 10 minutes of coaching your coach through what fitness challenges you yourself have once been put through.  The only rule is that any given task must come from what movements you have seen within our coaching program (i.e. no searching the internet for most insane puke test known to coaching kind – you must have gone through it yourself or seen someone in the gym coached through it).  Please respond for all interest and inquiries.  Your finalized design plan for coaching and instruction must be submitted by Friday June 9th.  Remember this is COACH your coach, not beat down senselessly.  Include movement patterns, workloads, rest periods, etc.  If you need ideas or help come talk to a coach.  Your benevolence is appreciated and valued in advanced.  All coaches have one request for you guys, “BRING IT!”