Meet Coach Allison Schaefer

Coach Allison Schaefer Biography

Allie began her path in the fitness industry after venturing into the corporate world and disliking the many hours of being anchored to a desk.  To ease the stress, lack of activity, weight gain, and fatigue, she joined Results the 24 Hour Gym as a hopeful client.  With help from Bootcamps and her personal trainer, she saw a tremendous improvement in her overall quality of life and daily attitude.  The power and vitality of a healthy body soon became her obsession as she overcame new goals and found strength she never knew she possessed.  Now after much anticipation, she is eager to be on the other side of the equation and become “Coach Allie.”    


After exactly one year of training with Results Training and hundreds of hours in her internship, Coach Allie is ready to rock and help more people meet their health and fitness goals.


Say hello to Coach Allie as she enthusiastically leads Results Team Training, Move Better and bootcamp sessions in West Sacramento at Results the Training Gym!   Behind the scenes, Allie is proud to utilize her Bachelor’s in Business Marketing to support Results in improving more people’s lives.  Her athletic background in many sports such as soccer, dance, karate, and many other activities such as running and strength training grants her a broad knowledge in many different movements and performance-based goals.  Coach Allie will use her first-hand experience to guide you down a new and invigorating path in the health and fitness world.  She is excited to make your experience with Results the best part of your day, every day!

Check out Coach Allie’s visual (abs) transformation which is just a small part of life changes Coach Allie has experienced!

Coach Allie Before and After

Coach Allie Before and After