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Passion – a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

Examples of PASSION

  1. Everyone could see the passion in his approach to the work.
  2. His performance is full of passion and originality.
  3. She spoke with passion about preserving the building.
  4. Music has always been his passion.
  5. She developed a passion for opera.

Do you find yourself occasionally thinking about that word?  Passion.  What do you have a passion for?  I was asking myself this wearing a suit and tie in the corporate world.  Early to rise and first into the office with my bowl of quinoa and bananas and honey I lead the charge in the corporate world.  Health and fitness questions would routinely hit my email, or a coworker would venture back over to my desk with a question.  Is this healthy?  Can you give me another exercise for my arms I’m getting bored of my routine?  Could you write me up a new workout?  You can take a personal trainer out of the gym…but not the trainer out of the personal trainer.

Exercise has and always will be a love for me…but my passion lies in training and helping others.  Not too many jobs allow you to instantly have an impact on someone’s day.  Let’s take that statement a step further.  Not too many jobs allow you to have an impact on someone’s life.  A trainer has the ability to guide a person through life’s toughest journeys, the battle with themselves.  Through this journey we have the ability to help infuse them with confidence and a new outlook on life.  When a person has succeeded, even for a few months with a trainer, life’s harder challenges actually become easier. ‘If I can survive a burpee and drop a pant/dress size…the next speed bump life sends my way shouldn’t be as hard.’

So I journeyed away from the corporate life and back to my new home Results the Training Gym.  (I had worked with Pete and Matt as part of Results the 24 Hour Gym in the past, so it was an easy decision to come back and get this fantastic new facility off the ground here in West Sacramento).

Some people ask me if I miss the corporate world and here’s my answer “I’ve been given an opportunity to make a difference in a group of lives over in West Sacramento, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.  And let’s face it; I’ll trade lacing up my workout shoes over tying a tie any day.”

So here I am West Sacramento, a tool to use for your success in health and fitness.   A resource to tap when you feel like your back is up against the door.  A helping hand to get you to that next level.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet me yet, come say hello.  Sign up for one of the many sessions I’ll be running over the course of the week.  I want you to accomplish your goals and more.

Here’s to squeezing out one more burpee.

Yours in health.

Coach Damian


Coach Damian

Coach Damian