Meet Coach Taylor

At Results the Training Gym in West Sacramento as well as Results the 24 Hour Gym our goal is to create an empowering fitness experience and to be the best part of the day, every day.  We do that with a team of experienced, talented and motivated personal trainers…we like to refer to ourselves as Coaches.   Coaching goes far beyond exercise…it includes life coaching, nutrition coaching,, support, motivation and the ability to keep you moving.     We are always looking for talented team members to continue that mission.  We are very excited about introducing you to Coach Taylor, our newest team member at Results Gyms.

Meet Coach Taylor Catrett

Results the Training Gym's newest Coach!

Results the Training Gym’s newest Coach!


Taylor Catrett grew up with an active childhood, playing multiple sports all the way through high school.  During his time playing sports he learned the importance of proper preparation for competition.  Taking his love of sports he went on to play football for two years in junior college.  This experience heightened his drive to be in great shape.  After two years of college he joined the US Army and served for 4 ½ years.  During his service, his love for fitness grew and he became aware that training for any situation was very important. 

After his service he studied Kinesiology at San Jose State earning his Bachelors of Science in December 2012.  The accumulation of sports and the military gave birth to the love of training and helping others be the best that they can be.  He continued his education by receiving certification from NASM for both personal training and corrective exercise. He is also a certified strength and conditioning coach and is certified in the TRX. 

After working in the personal training business for 4 years he is excited about the change that Results the Training Gym and Results the 24 Hour Gym offers.  He has experience with bootcamps and group training. He believes that training the body is the key to health maintenance and prolonged quality of life.  Everyone can benefit from proper exercise and health awareness, no matter their current condition.  Through foam rolling, stretching, and intense exercise most problems can be fixed.  He enjoys seeing clients fight for their goals and achieving them beyond what they thought they could accomplish.