Survival of the Fittest

– As a Coach at Results I am ever searching for ways to enhance the experience of each member and  continue to excite passion for health and fitness.  Please enjoy receiving weekly emails on various health, wellness, and fitness performance related topics.  May this correspondence continue to serve as an outlet for education and a resource opportunity for all those involved past, present and future. 
  Survival of the fittest.  What does it mean to be fit… might depend on who you ask and in what context.  Fitness can be defined through search engine as a state or condition of being fit, suitable, or appropriateness; or the quality of being suitable for a particular role/task.  Physiologically it can refer to the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to muscle tissue during a given exertion.  Biological fitness would infer a contribution to a gene pool, or perpetuation through successful reproduction.  All these things I wish for you- if fitness is something you truly desire.  Physical fitness can be objectively measured and assessed, as well as subjectively perceived.  My personal consideration of what it means to be physically fit is to be able at any moment, given any task, to own the confidence, skill and know how to approach and experience every life given challenge or opportunity.  To live free from domains of fears and uncertainty of how our body will perform, and how the mind will conduct is truly empowering.  All that we do with the tools, templates, timers, and tempos are practice and prepare for those experiences that will present themselves unexpectedly to us some day.  This week coach Jasynte shares more on those details of fitness adaptations.  How do you define and perceive fitness?

What is fitness?

Often times I hear a lot of people talk about fitness and totally missing the point. I hear a lot of “I do yoga for my fitness” or “I run”. Fitness is more then just running, jumping, working out (whatever that might include) or diet. Fitness, I believe, is more about physiological adaptation.  What the heck is that?

That’s a great question. There are two areas of adaptation. I recently heard a pioneer in the fitness industry talk about adaptation in terms of software design. Think about the difference between hardware design and software design. So adaptation then would mean positive (or negative) adaptation in the tissues (hardware) and/or the brain/neurological system (software).

What does this mean? The body has to adapt both in the way it processes information, generates commands and communicates to the hardware or tissue, and in the way the tissue is designed and works. To do this we must then look at fitness as a physiological process in which we challenge our movement and neurological systems in a manner that creates a constant environment of variability (to which the system has to adapt), intensity in relationship to load and volume, and movements that support humane functionality within the surrounding environment.

So fitness is a collection of activities that create an environment that promotes physiological adaptation. This is much more than just running, lifting a few weights or stretching. Fitness requires multiple activities that together challenge and promoting

Cardiovascular respiratory endurance










Be the best you can be, adapt to any situation, be strong, stay safe and enjoy the harmony of balance! Be dynamic in everything you do, chase your weaknesses, and challenge your body completely. Workout intensely, lift heavily, and allow for a wide variety of activities.

-If you are still seeking the drive, the direction, or in need of an outlet to substantiate your vitality, consult with your next sighted Results coach.  Plan for your path to achievement.  Remain faithful to said purpose with every action, every movement, every choice, and with each decision- stand firm.  Take that found passion and now share this insight and lifestyle to include the lives of those you spend most time with. 
Your Coach In Health, Keali’i
P! S!  Mark your calendars folks for next Saturday, June 8th at 10 am.  COACH YOUR COACH!  This will be only the second such occurrence within Results… the moment you have all been enduring for day in and day out.  We are proud to be hosting a benefit event for the communities affected by the recent Oklahoma tornado.  Results will be auctioning off the chance of a lifetime for you to put your coaches through the tests of fitness you all so regularly experience.  We are welcoming a minimum donation of $10 for 10 minutes of coaching your coach through what fitness challenges you yourself have once been put through.  The only rule is that any given task must come from what movements you have seen within our coaching program (i.e. no searching the internet for most insane puke test known to coaching kind – you must have gone through it yourself or seen someone in the gym coached through it).  Please respond for all interest and inquiries.  Your finalized design plan for coaching and instruction must be submitted by Friday June 9th.  Remember this is COACH your coach, not beat down senselessly.  Include movement patterns, workloads, rest periods, etc.  If you need ideas or help come talk to a coach.  Your benevolence is appreciated and valued in advanced.  All coaches have one request for you guys, “BRING IT!”